After 59-10 loss to Baltimore Ravens, the Dolphins are exactly what we expected

Well, we kinda saw this coming. Didn’t we.

The Miami Dolphins suffered a 59-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in their season opener at home. The defense couldn’t stop Lamar Jackson, who at times seemed like he was playing a video game, and the Dolphins offense behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, never really got going.

A 49 point loss is not a good way to dispel tanking rumors.

Baltimore had eight different receivers catch balls, and their running back, Mark Ingram, rushed for over 100 yards. Miami gave up 42 points in the first half. The Ravens pumped the breaks in the second half, it’s unclear how high they could have ran up the score if they tried.

On the offensive side of the ball. Well, it was 10 points. That’s not going to beat many teams. Ryan Fitzpatrick will start again next week, despite getting relieved by Josh Rosen, but that’s not even the complete problem.

The truth is that this team doesn’t believe it can win.

Things don’t get easier next week. The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots will visit the Dolphins next week, although there was that miracle victory last year that Miami fans won’t soon forget.

Boy, could the Dolphins use another one of those.

As for now, Head Coach, Brian Flores, will just have to move this team past this mess and get them focused on the future.

And if things don’t change next week, he’ll have to play with this line-up to find a spark.

Today’s game didn’t surprise many, but maybe in the coming weeks, the Dolphins can provide a pleasant surprise for fans by winning a few games and trying to save what many believe is already a lost season.

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