After the all of the drama, New York Jets win by sending dramatic Jamal Adams to Seattle

Jamal Adams is a good football player, and a star in your secondary can you give the spark you need in a game to do some incredible things.

But he sure did love being dramatic. Drama on social media. With the press. With the fans.

He took a cheap shot at his coach on the way out (story HERE) and said many things I’m sure was news to the Jets organization.

That is why the New York Jets ultimately won the day in the standoff with Adams by shipping him off to Seattle for two first round draft picks.

For a Jets team that, let’s be honest, has some problems, that is still a great deal for a player that lowered his appeal in recent weeks. It was always about his money and beware Seattle, it still is.

ESPN agrees with me (story HERE). And as much as all of football would like to see Adams and Pete Carroll bring back the Legion of Boom in Seattle, it’s very unlikely.

It’s more likely the Jets will hit gold with one of those two first rounders, and in a couple of years fans will ultimately decide it was the right move.

Either way, I’m sure both sides are glad this divorce is final. Now it’s a race to see who can reinvent themselves and ultimately succeed.

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