Andy Dalton to the Jacksonville Jaguars would only add more pressure on Gardner Minshew

Pro Bowl quarterback, Andy Dalton, was officially released by the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday morning after a nine year run that saw some successes, but zero championships and a lot of frustration during his tenure with the team.

Now as experts try and find a good landing spot for the talented play caller, the Jacksonville Jaguars are getting a lot of buzz. A Dalton to Jax move means he’ll be reunited with Jay Gruden, his old offensive coordinator.

I can’t think of a move that would be worse for Gardner Minshew. You know? The current starter in Jacksonville.

The team sent out a loud and clear message last year that they wanted Minshew to get an honest shot. They made this especially clear after benching big dollar Nick Foles even after he returned from injury, to give Minshew a chance to recapture that “Uncle Rico” magic that made him a national sensation during the early part of the season.

Now, you’re telling me that they want to bring in another proven starter to pressure Minshew as the Jags try to recapture the magic that got them to the AFC Championship just a few years ago?

Don’t do it.

And it also won’t be doing Dalton any favors. A player that still has some gas left in the tank, he can fire it where he needs to. He deserves a fair shake as well. If Minshew does succeed, how long before he wants out of Jacksonville anyways?

No more unhappy players. No more Jalen Ramsey scenarios.

Let’s stay on the Gardner Minshew course and get a real idea of what he can do.

And let’s give him that opportunity with a clear conscience that the crowd won’t be tempted with an alternative at the first signs of difficulty.

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