Bucs hope Ndamukong Suh can bring Superbowl level culture to Tampa Bay

It’s been a confusing 48 hours for fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On Monday, they were told the team was releasing long time defensive tackle, Gerald McCoy, after a 6 pro bowl run with the team (story HERE).

On Tuesday, they were being told that Ndamukon Suh, who plays the same position and was actually drafted one spot after McCoy back in 2010, would be filling that position.

They’re similar players. Suh has been a lot more animated during his time in the league, including accusations of being a dirty player and suspensions for controversial actions on the field.

He’s also just coming off a Super Bowl run with the Los Angeles Rams, a destination the Bucs will be hoping for this season.

Now, this is just a one year deal for the Bucs with the terms yet to be announced, but new coach, Bruce Arians, and defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, who Suh reportedly wants to play for, will be trying to tap into that post season experience.

Playing next to All Pro, Aaron Donald, the Rams defeated a highly vaunted New Orleans Saints offense in the NFC championship, (even if there was that one call) and they grinded out a low scoring game against the Patriots in the Super Bowl when their offense stumbled.

If the Bucs didn’t want to spend the money to keep McCoy, at least their remaining steady on the talent front with Suh.

And yes, if Tampa Bay wants to get a bit meaner, Suh can hopefully bring some of that intensity as well.

Either way, the other teams in the NFC South won’t be happy to see him twice a year.

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