Dolphins victory over struggling New York Jets and Adam Gase is nothing to get excited about

This afternoon, Miami Dolphins Head Coach, Brian Flores, finally got his first victory of the season after 8 tries.

Over the last head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Adam Gase, who now coaches the New York Jets and is also the owner of a 1-7 record.

Flores got the Gatorade bath, a tradition for coaches after their first victory with a team. Miami finally got to do this halfway through the season. And they beat one of the only two teams in the league that could be in a tougher position then they are (I see you Cincinnati).

And if you’re football savvy cynic, you might say the Dolphins did themselves a disservice by losing to New York by not properly “tanking” to get a prime pick in next year’s draft.

Now, I’m not going to dump on Miami for this entire post. Let’s look at what went right.

Ryan Fitzpatrick played a good game going 24/36, for almost 300 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions.

The defense held Le’Veon Bell and the rest of the Jets to just 83 yards and just six points in the second half.

Seven different Dolphins players caught passes including rooking Preston Williams, who caught two touchdowns. There could be something there.

And finally, and I’ll try not to be too mean here. The Dolphins front office proved that they technically made the right call in moving on from Gase. Granted, you don’t brag about that in public but that New York Jets organization is a complete mess right now. We don’t even know if Gase will make it to the end of the season there.

And that’s it.

The Dolphins are taking Monday off. Not uncommon in the NFL, but they’d better get back to work soon. They’ve got the Colts, Bills, and Browns next. Things could get rough.

But if they do, they’ve got their second meeting with the Jets after that.

We know they can beat them.

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