Everyone needs to stop freaking out over the Orlando #Magic game one playoff win against the top seeded Milwaukee #Bucks

Goodness! Can we all just calm down?! Relax..

That’s what I would have said to basketball social media on Tuesday afternoon after the Orlando Magic defeated the top seeded Milwaukee Buck in game one of the 1st round of the eastern conference playoffs.

We talked about this. Remember? (story HERE).

Still no one listened.

There are two different points at play here.

First there is the dismissive talk of the Bucks after just one playoff game. It’s game one in a strange environment guys. And there were moments when Milwaukee did seem to find their groove. But the truth is that Giannis will have to jump into superstar mode a little sooner than we thought and the Bucks will actually have to play defense against Nikola Vucevic. All Star Nikola Vucevic. This shouldn’t be surprise.

Then we have the pure disrespect of the Orlando Magic. I’m used to this. I’m from Orlando. But make no mistake, this team belongs here and when you start trending #Bucksinfour days before the series even begins, players take that personally. Steve Clifford has these guys ready to play and that also shouldn’t be a surprise. Also don’t dismiss the Magic as playing these games on the road like everyone else. It’s true they’re in the bubble, but everyone in that bubble that doesn’t work for another team wants them to shock the world.

And they took the first step today.

But let’s all take a breath.

It’s way too early to crown or bury anyone during this very unusual year of NBA basketball.

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