Former Magic coach Frank Vogel, should be careful before joining LeBron and the lost Lakers

Former Orlando Magic coach, Frank Vogel, is being rumored to be interviewing for the Los Angeles Lakers opening (story HERE), amidst what many are calling the most chaotic time in the storied franchise’s history.

He should proceed with extreme caution.

But this is the “purple and gold”, “Showtime”, “La La Land”, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? And that’s a fine question. When you succeed with the Lakers, you are succeeding on the highest level with the whole world watching.

The problem here is that the Lakers are lost. Very lost. Let me explain.

Their team President and Lakers legend Magic Johnson, abruptly left the team alluding to a culture of deception within the organization. Keep in mind, this is Magic Johnson, one of the most beloved players to ever wear the uniform.

LeBron James, the biggest player on the planet is unhappy and could be past his prime. At 34, he’s got a lot of miles on him, and has a tough track record with coaches. Vogel would be working for him.

The Lakers roster is a mess. Besides James, it’s an island of misfit toys with a bunch of role players with no roles and low morale after the team publicly tried to trade them and failed.

Other superstars have been reluctant to consider Los Angeles with all of this drama. Why play for LeBron when you can build your army elsewhere?

They insulted their prime coaching target, Tyronn Lue, with a skimpy contract and insisting on a coaching staff they wanted.

From one Frank to another, I’d want to ask Vogel “Do you really want to be a part of that?”.

I don’t know what his current situation is, but this team is a project with a lot of people looking out for only themselves. If you’ve got the roadmap back to the promised land and you believe you can lead this conflicted organization back to it, then go for it.

If not, let them figure it out themselves and spare yourself from an organization that might not want to be saved.

Photo: USA today sports

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