Former Magic coach Frank Vogel took a bad deal with a lost Lakers team, an uncertain LeBron, and an ambitious Jason Kidd

Former Orlando Magic coach Frank Vogel, will be the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, according to reports from ESPN on a three year deal he’s expected to sign (story HERE).

That’s not all he’s signing up for.

He’s signing up for a lost Lakers team with a mismatched roster of players they tried to publicly trade last season and failed.

He’s signing up to work with a front office that had it’s team President, Lakers legend, Magic Johnson, abruptly resign after mentioning “backstabbing” behavior.

He’s signing up for a deal that was already rejected by two other coaches because it didn’t demonstrate a real commitment in time or dollars, and gave the front office discretion on his coach staff hire.

He’s signing up to work with an assistant coach in Jason Kidd, that he didn’t hire and who might have more influence over the direction of the team than he will.

And finally, he’s signing up to coach a LeBron James that we’re not sure he’ll have chemistry with. And the person LeBron does reportedly have chemistry with is Jason Kidd, who Vogel didn’t hire.

It’s no secret. I wasn’t a big fan of Vogel taking the job before his first interview (story HERE) but to see him set up this way, with the Lakers already placing their back-up plan on his staff is cause for concern.

He’s not the coach of the Orlando Magic anymore, but you like to see people that gave as much effort as he did here ultimately succeed, even if it’s elsewhere.

I’m not sure he’s going to succeed in Los Angeles.

Photo: USA today sports

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