I wanted to support Jaguars decision to go for win against Houston Texans, here’s why I couldn’t

The Jacksonville Jaguars, under a gutsy effort by rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew, decided to go for the win in the final seconds against the Houston Texans on Sunday. They were unsuccessful and lost their second straight 13-12. They could have kicked an extra point to send the game into overtime instead.

It’s a bold decision to make. One I would normally support, but not this time. Here is why I couldn’t support head coach Doug Marrone’s decision.

The defense had Houston’s number: The Texans scored 28 points on Monday, they only had 13 today. There is a possibility the Jags could have held them in OT.

Minshew had the hot hand: The rookie was balling during that final drive and that Texans “D” was tired. If this game goes to overtime, there is no reason why the Jags couldn’t have scored again.

The upcoming schedule: This season isn’t over for Jacksonville. They have three winnable games coming up against the Titans, Broncos, and Panthers. If I’m the coach, I’m looking at a possible 4-1 start if I can get this win.

The Jags have a short week. Maybe Marrone didn’t want to grind his team down before their game on Thursday night?

If I had gone for it, I wouldn’t have ran the ball: With a confused Texans defense on the field, I would have spread that offense out and had Minshew try to make the right read. They had the box stacked for Fournette at the goal line. He never had a chance.

This is another tough loss for Jacksonville coming off of an opener that saw Nick Foles go down to injury.

But it’s not over for the Jags. Not yet.

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