If Lamar Jackson is actually still getting better than everyone is in big trouble

“Hey! It’s NFL MVP Lamar Jackson on my TV. Time for some exciting running plays!”

*All highlights show nothing but Lamar Jackson throwing in the pocket for touchdowns*

What is this? And goodness, what is going on in Baltimore?

I’ve got a ghost story for you AFC teams. It’s called Lamar Jackson’s line in week 1 against the Cleveland Browns, in a game they won 38-6.

20/25, 275 yards, 3 touchdowns, zero interceptions.

Oh and he still ran for 45 yards.

Is Lamar Jackson actually getting…better?

What a nightmare for opposing defenses. But not expected. We talked about this craziness.

“Oh Lamar can run. But there is a reason there aren’t a lot of older running QBs. They never learn to run.”

Well, almost as a dare. Jackson is getting better in the pocket. It’s as if he’s heard the criticism and decided he wanted to prove everyone wrong.

With all due respect to the Kansas City Chiefs, how exactly are you going to stop this man if he can run and throw with that kind of efficiency?

The good times aren’t here yet, my Baltimore friends. There are some challenges ahead.

In what reads like almost a QB gauntlet in the style of a Christmas Carol. Jackson will face the past, present, and future of NFL quarterbacks in the coming weeks.

Deshaun Watson
Patrick Mahomes
Dennis Haskins (a reach. I know)
Joe Burrow
Carson Wentz (also a reach)
Ben Roethlisberger
Phillip Rivers.

This is going to be a blast to watch.

And if Jackson keeps this up. Man. I don’t know what the defensive answer is going to be to keep this him from a SuperBowl ring.

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