Jameis to New Orleans throws future Saints vs. Bucs match-ups into NFL Drama overload

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Jameis Winston, is expected to sign a one year deal with the New Orleans Saints just weeks after being dismissed by his old team in favor of Tom Brady (story HERE).

As if the prospect of having Tom Brady and Drew Brees in the same division isn’t enough, throw in Rob Gronkowski joining Brady, and former Brees pupil, Teddy Bridgewater, heading up the coast to lead the Carolina Panthers and the NFC South is already can’t miss football.

Now we have the possibility of Jameis Winston seeing action against his old team. An organization that genuinely struggled over what his fate would be with the team and a fan base that thought well of him in good times and bad, including last season where he became the first QB to throw both 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions.

Then the fact that it’s a division rival like the Saints throws even more fuel on the drama fire. Keep in mind just a few seasons ago he was involved in a high profile sideline scuffle with his new teammates (story HERE).

All of that is long forgotten. But Jameis won’t forget waiting for the Bucs to sign Brady while he scrambled to find another starting job.

Drew Brees is the starter, but if he should suffer an injury like he did last year, then we could see Jameis trot out of the field at Raymond James and try to get his revenge against his old team and Tom Brady.

What if Sean Payton and company run the table and the Saints win the SuperBowl next year in Tampa?

We could have Trent Dilfer all over again.


And you know what? There will be a good part of the NFL universe that will be rooting Jameis.

Really, you could circle any of Tampa Bay’s games on the upcoming schedule and designate it “must see”.

But when New Orleans comes to town, circle that game twice.

Because it’s the story of two Bucs quarterbacks. The present play caller many consider the greatest of all time.

And their former quarterback of the future they left behind to get him.

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