Jameis Winston’s turnovers are bad but ineffective Bucs Defense isn’t helping either

Jameis Winston had a terrible day across the pond this morning, throwing five interceptions as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to the Carolina Panthers 37-26 in England.

Winston was bad. You can’t mask five pics and for every step he takes forward with Bruce Arians, he takes two or three back.

But consider these numbers. 37,31, 40, 32,.

Those are the point totals the Bucs defense has surrendered over the past month. That’s also a problem.

Todd Bowles can’t find answers for opposing offenses.

And it’s not like we’re playing Patrick Mahomes every week. We’re playing Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater, and Daniel Jones, all who started the season on the bench.

The Bucs keep getting torched, in fact if it wasn’t for Winston’s troubles, all the bad would focused on the defense.

But we got Winston, a quarterback many people in this league are waiting for to fail.

While I got you here, who would you replace Winston with? A better option isn’t going to come along this season.

Regardless, this defense needs to get better.

Ironically, the Bucs will next play the Titans after the bye who today benched Marcus Mariota for former Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill, who left Miami which benched it’s starter Josh Rosen today for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Who was benched last season in TB for.. Jameis Winston..twice

It’s not easy to find a quarterback in this league.

Just remember that it doesn’t mater who’s under center for the Bucs if the defense can’t stop anybody.

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