Josh Rosen trade brings hope of successful QB play back to Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins raised some eyebrows over the weekend at the NFL draft trading the Arizona Cardinals for quarterback, Josh Rosen, in exchange for some picks. Rosen’s departure from Arizona became almost inevitable after the Cardinals selected Oklahoma quarterback, Kyler Murray, with the overall first pick in the draft.

For the Dolphins, the trade has fans a reason to be hopeful at quarterback this year, a feeling they haven’t had for some time. Well, since the Marino era, but that could finally change.

Rosen will have something to prove. There wasn’t anything exactly wrong with him in Arizona. He was just a leftover of the previous regime that was overhauled after a disastrous 3-13 season, in which Rosen was flung into as a rookie to try and jolt some energy into a bad team.

He still managed 11 touchdowns to 14 interceptions with almost 2,300 yards in passing and received mostly positive reviews for his play. If it wasn’t for the fact that new Cardinals coach, Kliff Kingsbury, believe Murray was a better fit for his offense, Rosen would still be there.

Rosen is also 22 years old, playing for new Dolphins coach, Brian Flores, a defensive minded coach that might actually create some space for his new quarterback to develop without having to work from behind.

The Dolphins will hope they can finally break their quarterback curse. The Ryan Tannenhill experiment lasted several seasons but he couldn’t stay health. There was the season with Chicago Bears cast-off Jay Cutler that we don’t talk about, along with the long list of quarterbacks that preceded the Adam Gase era in Miami that couldn’t make it work.

Rosen has demonstrated some strong character since the trade, he posted this video on social media before leaving Arizona for the final time.

Miami is past due for it’s next great quarterback, and Rosen seems like he’s worthy of redemption with his new team. Let’s hope they can make it work.

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