Los Angeles Clippers are the bad guys in the bubble after classless reaction to Damian Lillard missed free throws

In a display right out of straight up goofball rec league play, Pat Beverly and Paul George decided to mock their rival, Damian Lillard after he missed two clutch free throws en route to the Los Angeles Clippers defeating the Portland Trailblazers 122-117 on Saturday afternoon (story HERE).

If you haven’t seen the video, you can view it below. It’s classless.

With that reaction, the Los Angeles Clippers became the bad guys down there in the Orlando bubble, as the NBA speeds towards the playoffs in this COVID 19 reality.

While I would expect this type of clown-play from Beverly, the smack-talking firebrand we’ve all become accustomed to, I’m disappointed in this type of foolishness from Paul George.

Why should we cheer for a team like that? All of the sudden the Lakers seem like the most likable team in La La Land. Actually, any team that fosters a competitor’s respect better than the Clippers seem like the way to go.

And I’d be interested to know what Kawhi Leonard thinks of all this. Leonard, like all of the greats in the league right now, understands that none of this means anything if they don’t get the ring. And where was Doc Rivers?

Sadly, Lillard and the Blazers take a step back in the hunt for the final playoff spot in the west, but like he told reporters after the game he’s sent those guys home before.

The Clippers however will be heading for the playoffs. And they’re the bad guys now. And feel free to boo them all you like. Because if they don’t like you, they’re prepared to act like complete children on the bench while you fail.

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