Miami Dolphins indecisive treatment of Josh Rosen is wrong and just sad

You’ve got to feel bad for Josh Rosen.

Drafted into a bad situation last year with the Arizona Cardinaals, he was jettisoned in a trade to the Miami Dolphins during this year’s NFL draft in favor of Kyler Murray after a coaching change.

Now he’s in another bad situation that is far worse.

The 0-5 Dolphins have announced they’re benching Rosen in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick (story HERE), who started the season only to go 0-2. The decision has many NFL experts scratching their heads and wondering what it is exactly the Dolphins are trying to accomplish here.

Heading into a match up with a pretty good 4-1 Buffalo Bills team it could be that the Dolphins are trying to protect Rosen and letting Fitzpatrick “take the bumps” against a competitive defense.

Or they could actually believe that the team has a better chance of winning with Fitz, they’re not telling us.

Either way, it’s unfair to Rosen. Head coach, Brian Flores, has no formidable offensive weapons to surround either quarterback with. If Rosen ultimately has to move on, we still have no baseline of his true talent in the NFL.

If Miami is serious about Rosen as a future franchise quarterback then they should give him more experience. It worked for Troy Aikman and the Cowboys and it worked for Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Let him play and take the team as far as his abilities will allow him.

There needs to be a plan in place and at this time I’m not convinced there is one.

And Rosen is considered a player of high character. He handled his exit from Arizona with true class, thanking fans and wishing his successor good luck in a video.

He deserves better than the nonsense he’s getting right now.

The best we can hope for now is that the Dolphins actually become competitive with Fitzpatrick and we get a certain answer, that way the future of both quarterbacks can be protected while the team succeeds.

Right now, we’re not getting any of that. It’s wrong for the fans.

And it’s certainly wrong for Josh Rosen.

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