NBA Free Agency: You shouldn’t buy players building superteams as a “weak” move

A couple of years ago, NBA superstar, Kevin Durant, left the Oklahoma Thunder to sign with the Golden State Warriors. Already one of the best players on the planet, he went on to win his first two championships with the team and put himself in position for another max contract to try and win more in the future.

And there are some people that call this a “weak” move.

I bring it up, because as reports of Kahwi Leonard considering a move to the Los Angeles Lakers pick up, we’re once again preparing to call this move “weak”.

Getting a massive contract and the chance to play with LeBron and Anthony Davis in that market? Weak? That makes no sense.

If a team is willing to pay you the maximum and you have the opportunity to win a championship with that team, that should make your decision pretty easy.

Big money? Check. Possible dynasty run? Check. Give me the contract.

Still, we live in a basketball culture where people don’t like the superteams. They refuse to accept the fact that this is where the league has been going for a number of years, and that there are executives also making millions of dollars to put these operations together.

They sell tickets. They get ratings. They’re good for basketball.

And superteams aren’t a sure thing. Ask Golden State about that. People get hurt. Teams should view the acquisition of superstars as reinforcement for a championship that is never a sure thing.

I actually believe not making the “weak” move is a poor decision by the superstar.

Basketball is the only sport where we make this much noise about it. We don’t vent anger when players go to the Yankees or the Patriots (or we’re just used to it). Just to teams here in the NBA.

We need to fix that and we need to respect the fact that the player is making the best decision for himself and his family with these kinds of deals.

Lets’ stop being critical. We should be calling these kinds of decisions “strong” moves.

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