No reason for Dolphins to hold anything back with New England Patriots juggernaut coming to town

Did you hear that the Miami Dolphins are supposed to get crushed by the New England Patriots when they meet at the Hard Rock on Sunday?

That’s right. The way this game is being framed, it sounds more like Alabama against an unranked small college, than an NFL match up. The betting line is fluctuating as high as 21 points. Some of the highest margins of the Super Bowl era.

That’s why Dolphins Coach Brian Flores should hold absolutely nothing back.

Spread the offense. Let Ryan Fitzpatrick throw the ball.

Blitz Tom Brady every chance you get. Force him to throw the ball to Antonio Brown if he plays.

With this team coming off of a 42 point loss last weekend, there is no reason to be timid.

This is only the second match up of four straight games against teams that made the playoff last year for Miami. Let’s not pretend like this mountain isn’t going to be hard to climb.

And really, we shouldn’t be ruling these Dolphins completely out. Remember that miracle from last year when the Dolphins hosted the Patriots?

Its a bold “storm the castle” and “punch them in the nose” mentality that is going to win this game.

And who knows? Maybe the Dolphins can shock the Patriots and the rest of the football world once again.

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