Orlando Magic shouldn’t follow bizarre Indiana Pacers firing of Nate McMillan with dismissal of Steve Clifford

Right now Nate McMillan and the Indiana Pacers are trending when the former was let go of the latter after being swept out of the first round by the Miami Heat. The Pacers were without a couple of their best players for much of their run including Victor Oladipo (story HERE). The dismissal is believed to have occured because the Pacer could get a chance to hire Mike D’Antoni if the Houston Rockets exit early.

Let’s hope the Orlando Magic aren’t getting any ideas.

I say this because coach Steve Clifford is in a very similar spot. He too has had a roster that can’t stay healthy. He too will like have another early playoff exit against the Milwaukee Bucks today. He too is in a smaller market that can’t seem to draw the superstars New York and Los Angeles can.

For an Orlando Magic organization that could be feeling impatient, that could be enough. Especially as their last coach, Frank Vogel, moves on the next round of the playoffs with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In Orlando. Inside of the same bubble the Magic currently inhabit. By the way, Vogel coached the Pacers before he joined the Magic.

And it’s not really Steve Clifford’s fault.

The restart implemented by the NBA was horribly unfair to the Magic. They’ve been competing in playoff games for weeks now if you think about it. Then there is the potential of this squad. The nucleus is there.

And then there is the final question. Who can do better than Steve Clifford is currently doing now?

Unless the Magic can pull some big name that isn’t currently engaged, from the retired life or in the college ranks, it’s really not worth it.

Let’s hope Orlando can reason better than the Pacers can and think through the important decision of who should be coaching this team. Steve Clifford deserves an honest run with a healthy team.

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