Orlando once again pulls great teams for this year’s college bowl games

Great college football teams like to play their bowl games in a great market, and once again Orlando was a winner with the draws for it’s three bowl games (story HERE), further cementing our case that we’re where important games need to be played.

We get Alabama and Michigan on New Year’s Day. How about that for some program recognition? Saban vs. Harbaugh in a match up of two very angry head coaches and they’re disappointed teams. They’ll be trying to send a message for sure.

Then we have legendary Notre Dame taking on a scrappy Iowa State team on the 28th of this month. The Fighting Irish in Orlando is always a noteworthy event.

And all of these teams travel well. That means hotel night stays and money for our local economy.

While I have you here, we have to talk about the Cure Bowl. Perhaps the most important game that focuses on raising awareness for cancer research. We’re getting Liberty vs. Georgia Southern on December 21st. If you can, try to support this game. You’ll feel better afterwards.

Take in a game this holiday season. These are some great match ups and another awesome reason for us to be in the national sports spotlight.

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