Rob Gronkowski to the Tampa Bay Bucs is not just about making Tom Brady happy

Before it was announced that All Pro tight end, Rob Gronkowski, would be joining Tom Brady in Tampa Bay via trade, he only had one public visit scheduled in the region this year.

That was to host Wrestlemania at Raymond James Stadium.

He still hosted after the Coronavirus pandemic put life on hold for a lot of us, except it was in Orlando.

For him it was about having fun and getting people excited. Even if he had to do it in an empty performance center.

And that’s what Gronk is going to do for Bucs fan this year. He’s going to make the game fun for them again.

Let’s be real. The most fascinating part of a Bucs game last year was just seeing if Jameis Winston could hold it together, or send the team crashing into a cliff with a few interceptions.

It was exciting. It might have been fun for fans of the other teams in the league. But it wasn’t fun for those loyal fans in Tampa (worth mentioning a lot of people still root for Jameis).

This post exists because there will be some that say that this is a move that is being done just to keep Tom Brady happy.

There is some truth to that. You can’t buy Woody and not take Buzz Lightyear too.

But when this team starts winning (and given the amount of weapons they have it’s likely) everyone is going to be having fun.

Besides Brady, you’ve got Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. All stone cold performers.

And now you’ve got Gronkowski, who can lift up a crowd with his energy for the game. He’s probably still got a few routes left in him too, especially if it’s TB12 throwing him the ball.

After today, the Tampa Bay Bucs won’t just be the most interesting team in the NFL to watch this year, they’ll also be the most fun.

When was the last time you could say that?

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