SEC lifting alcohol ban will actually result in less problems at college sporting events

The SEC has announced it’s lifting its decades old ban on selling alcohol at sporting events (story HERE), and while this might sound like a strange opinion given the topic, this should reduce alcohol related problems at these events.

Here’s why. College kids are going to get their fill of alcohol to “get right” during their afternoon. Believe that

Now with a ban, they can get it binging at a tailgate as early as 9am in the morning and slam as many beers as possible as kickoff gets closer and closer. And these aren’t just the college kids. I’ve heard alumni lawyers, engineers and high level administrators saying “Bruh, we didn’t even make it to the game.

Or without a ban, they can take their time, knowing they can still have a drink inside, and if you’re familiar with the experience, most fans want to enjoy a beverage inside the venue while actually watching the game.

“Won’t they just drink as in the game?” you ask.

Not with those lines, and those prices. $8 for a domestic beer that was poured a half hour ago, and $12 for some box Chardonnay from Walgreens, it ain’t happening.

In the same cited article, there are schools reporting a sharp decline of “ejections” after a ban was lifted. Let me simplify this.

It means less people are getting kicked out for getting drunk and fighting the other fans. This means less arrests and incidents where futures are ruined because fans can’t behave themselves.

It’s also important to not that there are cutoff times as well. This means after a certain point in the game, the stadium won’t sell you anymore beer.

Finally, let me put on my political hat for a sentence or two. The Universities will still have the final say, preserving home rule.

So, if your school doesn’t want to be cool they don’t have to lift the ban.

In the end, lets hope the trend of less problems after a lifted ban continues. We can do away with the nasty stories we hear about incidents that take place after sporting events that should be a memorable part of the college experience.

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