Steve Nash will have to wrangle the egos of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for the Brooklyn Nets to win it all

Steve Nash is the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Congratulations! Nash was well liked as a player and the news is being well received around the basketball world today.

The Hall Of Fame Player will now be charged with bringing a championship to New York with two of the biggest stars in the league already on his roster. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Both who are returning from devastating injury.

Word has it that he has a strong relationship with Durant. That’s important because I don’t think the first time head coach will be able to keep both Durant and Irving happy. That’s too much ego for any coach, not just Nash.

And he will be expected to win immediately or it may be a short experiment for Nash.

Irving is a notoriously unhappy player. He also has a history of caucusing with players to steer the team. In most cases that undermines the coach. It’s unclear how Nash will handle that.

Then there is Durant who is chasing LeBron. He also gets frustrated very quickly.

All of this which is going down in New York. That is a pressure cooker scenario if I ever saw one.

How fast will everyone turn on Nash if this doesn’t work out?

Now let’s swing back to the positive. There is a lot of talent here. And Durant and Irving know how to lead. It might actually work out if everyone is patient and mature about it.

If it doesn’t, lets hope its not egos and sabotage that ruins Steve Nash’s first coaching gig.

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