Talent at wide receiver continues to give Bucs fans hope after win over Atlanta Falcons

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Atlanta Falcons on the road on Sunday afternoon, 35-22, to move to 4-7 on the season. They overcame two Jameis Winston interceptions early on to douse the Atlanta Falcons who were on fire after two big wins including a victory against a tough New Orleans Saints team.

Yeah, Winston was wild yet ultimately successful, but how about those wide receivers? I’m talking about Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, who are catching these darts all over the field.

These are two of the best currently playing the position in the NFL. Look at the numbers.

They’re just getting overshadowed by the 4-7 record, the bad defense, and the Jameis contract drama.

Before I forget, I suppose I have to give some credit to Todd Bowles and this defense for finally keeping an opponent under 30 points. They’re not doing that too often this year.

Getting back to Evans, Godwin, they both crossed 1,000 yards for the season and they’re laying out for these passes. Tight end OJ Howard only caught one ball today but we know he can play too.

Until the defense gets better and Jameis settles down, we still can’t be too bullish about this team, but there is hope for improvement and it means being patient and keeping these gifted ball handlers optimistic.

The Bucs roll up the street to play the Jacksonville Jaguars next week, who are jousting with the Tennessee Titans as I type this. It should be fun game filled with Florida drama.

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