This video of WWE Star Asuka at OIA actually made me miss Orlando

This week, WWE SuperStar and Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka, released a video of herself walking through Orlando International Airport.

And I have to say, as someone who is stuck away from home right now. I felt a little homesick.

This airport has been an important part of my entire life. From arriving there in Orlando as a kid. To coming home as a soldier from locations all over the world. To following the facility as a government and business entity. It’s important to me and I want to see it succeed.

But to see Asuka, or Kana away from the WWE ring, it made me a little melancholy watching her walk through the corridors of an airport that has obviously seen it’s struggles due to the pandemic.

As for the WWE, they’ve got their performance center at Full Sail and many superstars call Central Florida home. The outstanding WWE Thunderdome is based at the Amway Center downtown. These are our true Orlando neighbors.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back home soon, but for right now I’ll settle for the video.

And you should checkout Asuka’s other videos that often find her exploring other parts of Orlando as well. It’s really neat watching a celebrity from another part of the world document their lives traveling around here.

You can watch the OIA video below.

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