Tom Brady to Tampa Bay is already a PR and Business win for the Buccaneers

Six-time SuperBowl Champion quarterback, Tom Brady, is officially a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. That feels weird to type and even more bizarre to say, but here we are.

And before he ever takes the field, he’s already helping the club win off of it. Have we been this excited about the Buccaneers since they won it all so many years back?

Let’s look at the money. A team that was already struggling to sell tickets because of a lack of big names on their roster, has already seen a surge on their website. New uniforms that were supposed to help merchandise sales are getting a turbo charged boost, now that they’ll feature the name of one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game sitting on the back of them.

And let’s look at the team’s return to the national spotlight. A return to Sunday and Monday nights are inevitable for the team. Whenever any fan of another squad sees the Bucs on their schedule, they know that it’s Tom Brady who will be under center on the other side. We have to remember that this elevates the attention of both TV markets involved, and we could have another discussion on how good this move is for medium sized TV markets altogether.

Every Bucs game next season becomes must see TV.

On the negative, this could indeed backfire too. If things don’t go well for Tom in Tampa Bay, you know how we are. We’ll start playing psychiatrist and wondering what’s wrong. Every tense moment on the sideline will be magnified by a hundred.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Let’s hope that Brady is successful and brings even more successes to Tampa Bay. Especially as we move out of this difficult time.

Welcome to Florida, Tom.

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