UCF offense can still thrive after Darriel Mack injury

If you haven’t heard by now, UCF quarterback, Darriel Mack Jr. injured his ankle and is expected to miss some time (story HERE). Coaches will now look to Notre Dame transfer, Brandon Wimbush, and freshman, Dillon Gabriel, to step up.

Fans are concerned. It makes sense. We’ve become accustom to winning and being in the top 25. We didn’t lose a game for almost two seasons. Mediocrity is like the island on “Lost”. We ain’t going back.

As of right now, there isn’t any reason to panic.

Wimbush has played for a major program and has practiced and played against top tier players. There are some fans that believe he should already be the starter. He has that kind of talent ceiling.

I haven’t seen Gabriel, but after the news this afternoon, there are some that would like to see him get an opportunity.

Either way, we should still be confident. We’re good. This is a fast moving offense that depends on athleticism, which I believe is still there. It will work.

These kinds of changes are going to happen.

I remember when Scott Frost left for Nebraska. The sky was falling. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned. But Coach Josh Heupel stepped in beautifully and everything worked out.

It’s going to work out again. #ChargeOn

This is going to be an exciting season.

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