What the unfair anger towards Stephen A. Smith about Colin Kaepernick says about us as a sports audience

As the entire sports world watched the actions of Colin Kaepernick on Saturday as he switched the location of his anticipated NFL workout in front of 25 teams in Georgia to a different location where he could have his own event, opinions from all over the country rang out over social media. Including mine (story HERE).

One of the early influential voices heard was that of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. Smith delivered a potent message on Saturday night, and once again on First Take yesterday morning.

And because it wasn’t a ringing endorsement of the actions Kaepernick took on Saturday, which most experts of NFL football concede got him no closer to getting signed by a team, Smith was blasted across social media.

Us. The North American sport audience completely misunderstood what he was saying.

Smith, who doesn’t need my defense but is getting it because we’re not listening (and apparently you like reading about this) was not talking about Kaepernick’s politics.

He wasn’t talking about the former Niners quarterback’s decision to kneel in protest over criminal justice.

He was talking about his actions in the realm of sports business and how that was a poor call on his part.

Still, we don’t listen. We read headlines and tweet or comment before taking time to reflect or take in all of the information. And not just in sports but in all forms of news. We have to work on that.

Stephen A. will be fine. He’s one of the most articulate sports journalists working today and when he’s missing, we get Ryan Hollins, which is motivation enough to make sure he’s understood when he is on the air.

Stay off the weed.

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