With workout stunt, Colin Kaepernick proves he is more interested in being a politician than a football player

This afternoon, controversial quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, abruptly changed the location of his NFL workout citing a lack of transparency from the league.

With his decision, Kaepernick took one step further away from playing football and one step deeper into politics.

There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just disingenuous to keep pretending this is about the love of the game and not the love of the spotlight. It was a terrible move from an NFL career standpoint.

Instead of working out for 25 teams, only 7 teams got to see Kaepernick workout. This also sends a message to coaches that this quarterback doesn’t respect the league or the personnel they sent to evaluate him, and if he doesn’t respect them then how can they expect him to be a good teammate if they sign him.

This in addition to his flaws that already exist in his game (story HERE).

Listen, I get that this was an NFL PR stunt. He was right about that. This also isn’t about his politics in the situation.

It’s about figuring out what this guy wants and how serious we can take him after the decisions he made today.

There is nothing wrong with being a politician. I’ve spent almost everyday of the last decade of my life around politicians.

Just don’t keep pretending to be something you’re not and in Colin Kaepernick’s case, it’s an athlete that is serious about playing quarterback in the National Football League.

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