RoseArts development would crowd Rosemont residents and endanger Orlando wildlife

In what is one of the worst proposals for a development in Orlando this year, the RoseArts project is advancing, despite concerns from residents over how the eventual 6000 unit housing plan, coupled with even more unneeded retail space, would add even more cars to the road and endanger local wildlife (story HERE).

What a lousy idea from people that don’t live here and want to force this upon us.

I grew up not far from Rosemont in the next door Lockhart neighborhood and I can easily tell you the last thing that community needs is more cars on the road. This is the community planning equivalent of pouring a gallon of water into a shot glass.

And in addition to causing more traffic concerns, this would be another ill advised move in one of the worst cities for pedestrian safety in the country (story HERE) in a particular area where many residents walk to work and where kids walk to school. It will only elevate those risks.

Then we have to discuss the impact this would have on the wildlife in the area. They’ll be pushed out of the land this project wants and moved into your backyards. I use the term nuisance animals because there is little to nothing local government can do about our furry neighbors. This isn’t completely different to the problems caused by eliminating black bear habitats in Seminole and Northwest Orange County.

Your house pets will be even more at risk in this neighborhood that has already had it’s share of challenges in that regard (story HERE).

Those animals have go to go somewhere.

Finally, the voices in favor of this project aren’t even from here. They don’t know Rosemont and they don’t know you.

Orlando elected officials must support their residents and say “no” to this developmental assault on a cherished community.

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