Wisconsin Pro Sports Coaches showing more leadership than Wisconsin politicians after Kenosha police involved shooting

On Monday, Packers coach Matt LaFleur, Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer, and Milwaukee Brewers coach Craig Counsell, offered words of both concern and unity following the police involved shooting in Kenosha last weekend that left a man in the ICU and reportedly paralyzed from the waist down (story HERE). Another instance involving deadly force against a member of the black community with no apparent answers. The officers are on administrative leave and an investigation is underway.

LaFleur, Budenhozer, and Counsell called for change, accountability, and transparency.

Elected leaders from all over Wisconsin, including Madison, have done nothing. Many didn’t even issue statements.

When your elected leaders are doing less than your professional sports coaches in the realm of community leadership than something is wrong.

One group is elected by the people to leads. The other group is focused on winning at their given competition.

Until these politicians do more than athletic professionals there won’t be anymore changes.

It’s no wonder the non politically initiated are more influenced by athletes and celebrities than elected leaders these days. The athletes and their given organizations are contributing the same, if not more.

And I say more because sports teams are more likely to contribute to worthy causes a lot more than a political campaign account belonging to an indifferent entity that turns into a statue as soon as elected.

What a sad state of affairs here in Wisconsin.

Citizens need to demand better from their elected leaders regardless of political party. They’re all doing very poor job here.

Until that changes, they’ll continue to skate by with the minimum.

And I would be wrong not to thank LaFleur, Bud, and Counsell for their fast action. Just because our elected officials are lacking doesn’t make the thoughtfulness of this trio any less important.

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