A Green Bay face mask mandate is just ceremony at this point

On Monday, the Mayor of Green Bay, Eric Genrich, announced his proposal making it mandatory to wear a face mask (story HERE). As you know, it would be much more effective for the state to issue a mandate (posts HERE and HERE) but some elected officials in this community don’t want to wait.

At this point, does it really matter?

Every major retailer has enforced a mask mandate.

The conditions of this proposal exclude wearing a mask outdoors or at gyms.

So, this is basically what we have in place now.

This is just a political flex at this point. Nothing more.

The challenges will come if we continue to get big numbers of positive COVID cases. According to the trends, we should start to see flatter results after the spike that occurred when we began increasing testing.

If it does. The Green Bay City Council can all high five each other and declare themselves heroes.

If it doesn’t, then masks and social distancing might not be enough and the entire country will have a real challenge until we get a vaccine.

But whatever decision the city council makes on Tuesday won’t make much of a difference. Because it’s already the way we’re living.

It’s purely political and at this point. Ceremonial.

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