After Klobuchar exit, Biden’s popular choices for VP are Harris and Demings, it should be Val Demings

Last night, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar withdrew herself from consideration as former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate for the upcoming November showdown against Donald Trump. In doing so, she said she hoped that Joe Biden would pick a woman of color for the position.

This is something that much of the base would like to see. The two top picks who are qualified are California senator Kamala Harris and Orlando congresswoman Val Demings.

It should be Demings.

Picking Harris provides no geographical advantage for Joe Biden. California will easily go his way later this year.

Val Demings however, is in “The Heart of the I4 Corridor” one of the biggest political battlegrounds in Central Florida. Donald Trump’s victory strategy depends on Florida. In the last few elections, whoever has won Florida has won the contest. Demings was also an impeachment manager earlier this year.

There are objections over Demings’ law enforcement background. This isn’t a primary. The will of Democratic voters won’t leap across the ideological spectrum to Donald Trump because of that. There are no logical objections here.

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams has little experience and has put pressure on Bides to pick her. Susan Rice has been out of the spotlight for some time.

The right pick is Val Demings. Supporters of Joe Biden who want him to win, should be vocal about it.

It could be the difference between winning and losing this election.

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