Existing Jacksonville Jaguars culture should scare away Trevor Lawrence

On Monday, the Jacksonville Jaguars waived Leonard Fournette, a former fourth overall pick and a proven 1,000 yard rusher in the National Football League (story HERE).

This after sending Yannick Ngakoue to Minnesota (story HERE).

And sending Nick Foles to the Chicago Bears.

And a messy divorce with Pro Bowl cornerback, Jalen Ramsey.

We see what’s going on here.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are obviously…we’ll call it… building for the future.

And that future could possibly include Trevor Lawrence, championship quarterback of the Clemson Tigers.

But if I’m a talent like Lawrence, and I’m going to have half a dozen teams that would do whatever it takes to get me on their roster.

Why would I want to go to Jacksonville?

Now, the unproven rumors are that Lawrence and his coach Dabo Swinney, would be almost a package deal in Duval County. But still. Why go there when the culture is so messed up?

And the culture of an organization matters. We know that.

I look no further than my last two markets. Currently: Green Bay, where they’ve have two quarterbacks for almost the last 30 years. And Orlando, not far from Jacksonville, where they’ve had a lot more.

The Jaguars may believe that they’re being slick. But they’re not. And they should be careful, current quarterback, Gardner Minshew is a well like player and if he’s done wrong, the results of tanking will produce many more casualties along the way.

And the reputation the Jacksonville Jaguars are currently building as a failure factory for top draft picks will only get bigger.

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