Explaining that scary ESPN write-up about Giannis Antetokounmpo staying with the Milwaukee Bucks

Is Giannis Antetokounmpo less likely to resign with the Bucks now?

What new NBA finances mean for Giannis’ major Supermax decision.

If you’re a Milwaukee Bucks fan, chances are that article on the front page of the ESPN website caught your attention. Not only are you concerned right now with the team currently locked up in the bubble preparing for their run and Robin Lopez sending out mysterious tweets proving the happiest place on earth is obviously a distraction. Now you have to deal with this.

This article is a pretty big cliffhanger heading into the weekend. Let me throw you a rope.

Very basically. The article questions the financial strength of the NBA and the possibility of projected finances getting in the way of the Milwaukee Bucks offering Giannis a max deal. Projected basketball related income must remain on the positive side as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hurt league revenues.

We’re also given questions over the team’s ability to put the winning pieces around Giannis with those financial limitations.

The article weighs several scenarios. But lucky for you Bucks fans the projections are still favorable for the home team.

Hopefully for Milwaukee they just win the ring this year and can get to work on the myth that mid market teams can’t build winners and keep them.

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