Giannis showed youth then eventually wisdom in head butting incident vs Washington Wizards

If you’ve never gotten into a confrontation during a sporting event, you haven’t played enough sports. I’m not talking about a Palace at Auburn Hills like free for all, but even a minor incident where you or your opponents have to make a little bit of an effort to let everyone know the existing style of play isn’t appreciated.

Enter reigning league MVP and Milwaukee Bucks superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo, who had to let Washington Wizards forward, Mo Wagner, know his potentially injury causing play wasn’t appreciated by the Greek Freek on Tuesday night (story HERE).

Giannis headbutted Moe after some words were exchanged and got ejected.

It’s what 25 year old athletes do. It was a dumb move by a young player during a meaningless game.

But the truth is Giannis knew that as soon as the whole episode was over.

“I got lost for a second, if I could go back I could change it.” he said to reporters following the game “Bad mistake by me and I learned from it.”

This is also because he understands that not only can you not go around headbutting people like Dhalsim from Street Fighter, but because he understands that the Bucks are the number 1 seed this year with the league’s best record and that there is a championship ring at stake here.

If he gets suspended, I think everyone will understand, everyone including Giannis and that takes maturity to accept the consequences of your actions.

And he’ll be a better player and leader because of it.

You can count on that.

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