Green Bay Packers fans should keep an eye on Cam Newton and the New England Patriots for life after Aaron Rodgers

Over the weekend, the New England Patriots signed former MVP quarterback Cam Newton on a low risk incentive deal, as they continue to move forward with life without Tom Brady for the first time in almost two decades. It’s also another opportunity for Newton to go deep with a talented team for a shot at that elusive SuperBowl ring.

The deal is getting high marks from pundits because A) The Patriots aren’t on the hook for anything big B) Newton can resign or get back on the big money train after he proves he can stay healthy.

This looks like a decision the Green Bay Packers will have to make a couple of years.

Yes, they’re looking at SuperBowl this year. And they have Jordan Love. But Cam wasn’t the only proven play caller to sign on the cheap this off season. Andy Dalton. Phillip Rivers. Jameis Winston (good Jameis, not bad Jameis).

That trend is forecasted to continue with teams continuing to try and hit on good quarterbacks during the draft.

Whether its through retirement or a personnel move, Aaron Rodgers is going to move on.

We should hope that Jordan Love steps up and earns the spot.

But if he doesn’t, that there will be viable winners out there available for a low risk deal.

That’s great news for a franchise that thrives on superstar quarterback play and wants as little lag as possible during transition.

Let’s keep an eye on what Cam Newton will do in New England this year. And how we can deal when our Hall of Famer eventually decides to move on.

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