Hopefully Good Spirited Clinton-Dix video can renew awareness of bear habitat problems

Former Green Bay Packers Defensive Back, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is in the news for his funny reaction after being startled by two bears while riding a scooter near his home in Florida. He took it in stride and the video has become a positive thing in a social media environment that is very tough these days.

You can view the video below.

According to the Orlando Sentinel it happened in Seminole County. My community in Florida. A great community.

But they have a problem. They’ve destroyed the bear habitat with all of their development and bear encounters are a regular occurrence. Clinton-Dix did the right thing. He got out of their way. But a lot of people don’t. This results in bear vs people scenarios where someone gets hurt and nobody wins. Local leaders have done nothing for years and are just waiting for it to go away.

Hopefully, we use this national attention to remind ourselves that we have to take care of the wildlife in our communities.

And yes, if Clinton-Dix moves that quickly for the Cowboys this year, NFL offenses are going to be in a tough spot.

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