If Fans Want Microsoft To Save TikTok, They’d Better Speak Up

Video sharing service, TikTok, is in potential danger after President Donald Trump announced that he would take steps to ban the Chinese owned service from the United States over concerns that information could be shared with the Chinese government (story HERE).

The authority the President has to do that is uncertain but the initiative will weaken the brand for sure.

Owners, ByteDance, has said they’re interested in selling their American operations to a domestic company (story HERE). One of those companies? Microsoft.

If TikTok users, who we are well aware aren’t shy, want to save this app, they need to speak up.

To the uninitiated, this is big business. TikTok is worth billions. This is a major potential acquisition.

But there are also a lot of moving parts. And it can’t happen overnight.

There are a lot of political reasons to eliminate TikTok right now. Chinese surveillance concerns have been brought up by politicians on all sides. We’ve also got elections in a couple of months. These issues that can tap into the concerns of likely voters means more than dance videos to the decision makers.

It will take a movement by TikTok users to demonstrate to these lawmakers and the President that the fight isn’t worth it.

And an online movement might also move the needle with Bill Gates.

Let’s see what happens. I’ll be watching for sure.

And should TikTok fall, you’d better believe another company will step up and try to fill the void many believe was there when Vine left.

As ironic as it sounds. TikTok has become about money and politics. Keep that in mind the next time you’re watching that wacky video.

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