Lamar Jackson takes center stage in Madden 21 trailer, blink and you’ll miss the Packers

It’s Madden time. And this year we’ve got a player that truly fits being on the cover of this exciting series. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson gets the spotlight and in the game’s first trailer it’s his MVP level play that gets us hyped for the latest installment of this classic series.

Not much for Packers fans here though. Za’Darius Smith is featured as part of the games edge rush addition for about a second. That’s it for a team that went to the NFC Championship last year.

We do get a glimpse of Tom Brady in a Bucs uniform though.

Madden 21 gets a lot of static for being a “roster update” game, but this year is promising a more control-heavy experience and in an environment that is starving for sports, it should still do well.

You can view the trailer below.

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