NFL 2020 Predictions: Kansas City Chiefs over the Green Bay Packers in SuperBowl

Here we are. A brand new NFL season under the unprecedented conditions of a global pandemic. But we’re getting football and that is a reason to celebrate

So, what’s going to happen? Some predictions for you.

Let’s break it down.

The AFC:

AFC East Champs: Buffalo Bills.: Bill Belichick is going to learn quickly that Cam Newton is not Tom Brady. I believe the Pats will still be a good team, but it’s finally time for the Bills to get their run.

AFC North Champs: Baltimore Ravens: While I believe the Steelers will bounce back, Lamar Jackson and company will still win enough games to take the title here.

AFC South Champs: The Houston Texans:We’re going to see this Houston Texans team fully loaded and ready to go this season. They’ll march through this mostly rebuilding division.

AFC West Champs: Kansas City Chiefs: Come on. You saw the title of this post. The Chiefs are returning so much talent, it’s hard not to see them taking this softer division fairly easy. Just keep Mahomes healthy.

Wild Cards: New England and Tennessee

AFC Championship: Chiefs defeat the Ravens

The NFC:

NFC North Champs: Green Bay Packers: I don’t trust Kirk Cousins up there in Minnesota and the Bears don’t know who their quarterback is. Aaron Rodgers still has what it takes to win the North crown.

NFC East Champs: Dallas Cowboys: If the Cowboys don’t do it this year, then Mike McCarthy is going to have to make some changes in the line up. We’ll also finally see if Carson Wentz is the real deal or not.

NFC South Champs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They’ve got too many weapons here not to win. Tom Brady and his six rings of experience won’t let this team fail without winning the division first.

NFC West Champs: Seattle Seahawks: The 49ers had their shot. You can’t hold Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll back too long. The hawks will be back on top of the division this year.

NFC Wildcards: New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers

NFC Championship: Packers over Seahawks

The SuperBowl: How does someone from Green Bay explain a Packers SuperBowl loss. Sadly, this will be the cost for not having enough weapons around Aaron Rodgers. Both Green Bay and Kansas City have top tier play callers, but the Chiefs have for four players that can break away for a touchdown at any given moment. The Packers have two at this point. That will be the difference.

Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Green Bay Packers 35-27

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