The National Coin Shortage has apparently reached Green Bay

On Saturday, I was at the grocery store preparing to check out. When I attempted to pay, the cash button was blurred out. Then I noticed the small signs in the area.

“Due to the national coin shortage”. I didn’t remember the rest of it, but it was due to the COVID pandemic.

Yes. Apparently this is a thing (story HERE).

If you don’t feel like clicking the link, it’s apparently because people haven’t been able to visit places like banks to deposit their coins and small denominations of currency.

It makes sense. You just never expect to see these things like this make to places like Northeast Wisconsin.

Anyhow, the blinking idiot light turned on at my register and a friendly staff person happily accepted my bills and I was on my way.

But here in Green Bay, the national coin shortage has arrived. And on a serious note there are some families that can only use cash. And we should do our best to get the word out to check the registers before they prepare to make any purchases inside the store.

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