The NFL should completely embrace the idea of a bubble playoff environment

Good news. The NFL is considering a bubble for the playoffs in a decision that could potentially save the season should COVID 19 get out of control (story HERE).

Given the success of the bubble model being used by the NBA in Orlando, and the scares MLB has been experiencing by not using a bubble, the decision should be a fairly easy one.

Let’s face it. It’s highly unlikely that this pandemic will be under control by the time the playoffs roll around. And what if a playoff quarterback gets sick? Are you going to tell me you’re prepared to roll through the SuperBowl with a backup quarterback because we didn’t take the proper precautions?

These are dangers that we can prevent right now.

There will be objections. For one, the markets where the playoffs would take place, even in an empty stadium would see further revenue losses in other aspects of their local economies. I live down the street from Lambeau field and the area is already expected to lose millions with two home games already cut.

But it would be better than no NFL football at all. That could potentially happen if we don’t carefully manage the risks involved with the potential transmission of COVID 19.

We’ve still got time to consider everything here. And one big question would be where to host the playoff bubble? Las Vegas where there is a new stadium? Arizona, an area that has been considered for a sports bubble before?

How about Orlando? They’re already doing it right now. They could even rotate between Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. All major markets that are just a couple of hours away from each other where no air travel would be needed.

There are plenty of possibilities, but the bubble should be embraced by the NFL.

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