We really don’t need politics invading our videos games right now in 2020

Before I begin. You can vote for whoever you want. You won’t be influenced here.

But I do prefer to have my video games free of politics. Especially positive gaming environments like Animal Crossing.

Still, we’re getting campaign signs in Animal Crossing where you’ll be able to show your real world support for your political candidate on your island.

This really isn’t what we need right now when we’re dealing with violence in the streets and deadly viruses in our bodies.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I’m not a political analyst. You can read my bio and find that out. And this is a clever way to reach some younger voters. I’m not sure what it cost but it’s also good business for the developers of the game.

But we don’t need this right now. This is really poisoning the water.

We need video games to be a place where we can escape. We’re not trying to bring dinner table arguments to the Nintendo Switch.

And these signs will make an impression with the people you interact with. Yeah, most won’t care. Others might give you a high five. But there will be some that disapprove.

Are you prepared to bring the corrosive element of politics into this beautifully done world? Why would you want to do that?

Still, it will be for some.

I will be passing. The most political thing I want to go through in a video game is the civil war in Skyrim. Maybe the interventionist debate on Mass Effect.

But don’t bring any of that real world noise into one of my last politics free sanctuaries.

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