We’re hearing plenty from politicians on Wisconsin schools reopening but ignoring parents

In each of the last two days, I’ve overheard emotional conversations in the Green Bay community over the reopening of schools in the coming months and how it affects their kids. No subject taps into the passions of the politically dormant more than when you involve their children. As it should.

But while they may be discussing it among themselves in their communities. The conversations that matter between state and federal leaders are going on without them.

In Washington, President Trump has pledged to open up schools this fall (story HERE).

In Madsion, Governor Evers is sending millions of facemasks to schools (story HERE).

And in the background, there is a fight over millions in funds between politicians over money that is supposed to help schools recover from the COVID 19 crisis (story HERE).

But the concerns from local communities aren’t being heard.

Some parents want their kids in schools with mask. Others won’t have their kids in a learning environment with a mask. There are some that are believers in herd immunity and don’t want to hide from the virus. Others are preparing to home school either way.

But what is missing is the mechanism for which our elected leaders are taking the pulse of the needs of their constituents. And that is a major problem

We should be having virtual town halls on the subject. There should be outreach from teachers working the phones. There should be regular updates from elected leaders on what’s happening.

Right now, parents and kids are being staged to prepare for whatever and just go with it.

And that’s not good enough. Let’s work harder to hear the voices of our families and to make the return to schools as safe as possible for everyone involved.

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