A Jack Bauer-ish “The Fugitive” series with Kiefer Sutherland is Quibi’s latest push for your eyeballs

Quibi is hoping that action hero nostalgia will lure in more viewers, as they bring in Kiefer Sutherland in a Jack Bauer like role from the spectacular “24” series and splice it in with the classic chase series and film “The Fugitive”, which gave us Harrison Ford, and Tommy Lee Jones as the unforgettable Samuel Gerard in the 1993 film.

This isn’t the same plot however. Instead of a murdered wife, we get a subway bombing placing it even more into 24’s anti terrorism turf. The look of Sutherland’s character and the fast moving action continue to add to the similarities.

It kind of makes you wonder if Quibi shouldn’t have just found away to get the 24 rights altogether and give fans a real finish to the controversial wrap up that took place years ago.

It’s a mighty swing from the bite-sized episode streaming service that recently ended it’s trial period and has been fighting to find a following (story HERE).

Whether Quibi is right for you or not still depends on how much of a budget you have for streaming services. A lot of us are all loaded right now and they want $8 for a plan without commercials. That places it into territory with other options with a much bigger library.

The trailer for the fugitive is below.

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