After unjust “Stumptown” cancellation, Cobie Smulders deserves a real shot at her own hit

Cobie Smulders is one of those great talents we don’t appreciate until she is when she’s working right in front of us on the television or movie screen.

“How I Met Your Mother” will be on our streaming plans for years to come and she’s an Avenger. But she deserves a project where she can hit those high points with her name at the top of the credits.

“Stumptown” was suppose to be that project.

But because 2020 is terrible, COVID restrictions caused ABC to cancel the show (story HERE) after they renewed it.

And now we’re stuck waiting. Again.

So, what is Cobie going to do now?

Really, you could plug her into any franchise and she would win. But that project wouldn’t be truly hers.

The answer is we don’t know.

Hopefully, this potential project could bring her to an audience that already appreciates her. She’s already done a sitcom but maybe a Dramedy. Action is also a real option. She can hang with Nick Fury and Jack Reacher, why not explore that dimension even more.

But under no circumstance should she disappear.

I wrote this post because when I heard the news “Stumptown” was cancelled, I said to myself “That’s wrong”.

Let’s hope that the powers that be can find a place for Smulders to have a memorable and successful show to truly call her own and add to her excellent resume of work.

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