ESPN would be smart to hire Renee Young if she is leaving the WWE

There are reports that WWE commentator and fan favorite, Renee Young, may be leaving the WWE. Wrestling blogs, podcasters, and YouTubers are among the most unreliable there is, so I’m not going to link to any of their stories, but the signs are there and the subject is currently trending on Twitter.

If the rumors are true, ESPN would be wise to find a place for her within the organization.

Young is one of the few WWE assets that can make almost anything work on the air. She’s done almost every aspect of broadcasting in front of the camera and would bring a great amount of energy to an ESPN line up that finds themselves short handed when their talent goes on vacation.

The successful examples of the transition are there. Jonthan Coachman has done it. Charly Arnolt is currently doing a great job on both Monday Night RAW and ESPN’s First Take when she guest hosts.

Why can’t Renee Young be next?

Many will bring up talk of AEW, where her husband Jon Moxley is currently champion. That would be fine but the truth is Young has just about done everything there is to do with sports entertainment broadcasting. She should be covering one of the major North American Sports leagues.

Of course, we do need to step back. We don’t know if any of this stuff will happen. We also don’t know what Young’s contract with WWE looks like. Given how bad the wrestling blogs are, it would be perfectly normal if none of this buzz were true and she stays right where she is. Some of the people reporting this are just that bad.

But if it does turnout to be true, ESPN could do a lot worse than Renee Young.

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