Five Big Questions And A Championship Prediction As The NBA Restarts In Orlando

Basketball is back. Thank goodness!

The NBA will restart today in my hometown of Orlando, since the Coronavirus shutdown the league back in March. While the world may be depressing, the bubble set-up and the list of teams grasping for greatness under these conditions will lead to some fascinating basketball.

Here are five big questions:

Can the Milwaukee Bucks win it all?: Is it Giannis Antetokounmpo’s time? All signs point to yes with the MVP leading the league best Milwaukee Bucks into Orlando as the favorites of many basketball analysts in the east. On the pessimistic end, what does it mean if he doesn’t win?

Can LeBron get it done with the Lakers?: Naturally, the second question is about LBJ. Heck the whole world began to panic when he announced he wasn’t shutting down his phone for the playoff run (story HERE). What will be the sentiment if he can’t take the Lakers all the way? One interesting subplot. Frank Vogel and Dwight Howard. Two Lakers who failed in Orlando and will now have an excellent chance of winning it all there.

Can the Toronto Raptors surprise?: They’re still the world champs and they haven’t disappeared into the void. They have also become a trendy pick to make the finals. Can Pascal Siakam get it done and shock the world wtihout Kawhi?

Speaking of Kawhi, can he prove his is the best in the game?: Can Kawhi make the Los Angeles Clippers the alpha squad in LA? Boy, it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch. He could very well hit that three chips with three teams milestone.

Who will rise among the chaos?: There are still a lot of superstars I haven’t mentioned here. Who will rise in Orlando and prove that the analysts and bloggers no nothing about basketball.

MY NBA FINALS PREDICTION: The Milwaukee Bucks will defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in 7 games

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