Here is the real reason why the Emmy’s continue to suffer low ratings

Listen, I normally love award shows. I’m going to rag on the Emmy’s here, but I’ve written about them in excitement as well (story HERE). This also isn’t about any of the nominees. Succession is one of the best shows on television and Julia Garner absolutely deserved her second award last night.

But the facts are that the Emmy’s rung up another all time low rating (story HERE).

Now, there are some excuses out there. Audiences were kept away by COVID. That’s an excuse. And it makes no sense.

Then there are some legitimate reasons in addition to the point I’m about to make. You also had LeBron James and the New England Patriots on TV during the same time. That makes sense.

But then there is the real reason which kept away the non football fans as well.

The real reason why the 2020 Emmy Awards brought in a record low audience is because viewers that want to watch a festive and celebratory awards program don’t want politics and don’t want to be preached to.

It’s also important to point out.

This means no disrespect to issues you care about.

But it does mean that viewers know they can turn on a news network and hear people talking politics better than they can if they turn on the Emmys on a Sunday night.

And Emmy producers need to know that. Awards shows should be about celebrating the winners.

It’s also important to point out that I’ve personally had low ratings on Sunday night TV opposite of football and awards shows. This is when I was doing TV on the regular.

The small few that did watch me were there for what they came for. Information and debate.

The Emmy’s are no different and the numbers show it.

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