The Mandalorian is trending because season 2 is coming to Disney Plus on October 30th

Star Wars fans rejoice. The excellent “Mandalorian” series will be returning on October 30th for season 2 and everyone, including myself, is pretty excited.

The Mandalorian features the mysterious wanderer and bounty hunter, as he tries to solve the puzzle behind the existence of “the child”, or Baby Yoda as you might know him.

Season 1 featured multiple celebrity directors building a Star Wars world in the tradition of many old school westerns. The storytelling has been exceptional and even with a running time of only a half hour per episode the experiences have been quite satisfying.

If there is any bad news, it will be that Disney will have a tough time topping the first season. One promising thread was the introduction of Ginacarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) as a main villain during the closing episode last year and the hint that he could be returning.

The Mandalorian was so well liked, on some levels it even outshined “The Rise Of Skywalker” last year which closed out the new trilogy saturated with mixed reviews. That wasn’t the case with the Disney Plus program which surprisingly found itself nominated for an Emmy this year in the Best Drama category.

It’s unclear where season 2 will take us. The goal continues to be to find out where Baby Yoda came from and if that means more of one of the most adorable characters ever, I doubt that will draw any objections from the Disney Plus crowd.

Just look at that screen shot. We’ll all be ready on October 30th. This is the way.

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